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Experience is gold. There are many different social media platforms on the internet but we need personal blogs again. It's hard to find blogs so let's create this blog list together!

We encourage personal blogging by providing a carefully curated index of software engineering blogs. The site is designed as a simple platform and offers the ability to sort the blog catalog by tags, Hacker News points or alphabetically. There is also an efficient search engine that refers to all columns in the index, except for the RSS feed URL.

How can I submit a blog or edit?

Please follow the instructions on the main Github project repo

About this site

This site has a list of specifically software blogs. These blogs were collected and organized from various sources. Then, tags were extracted for these sites and HN scores were calculated.

The project is a continuation of m8's original idea to gather a curated list of developer blogs in one place.


Name Tags HN Point Feed

Finding new blogs can be quite a challenge. Unless you are lucky enough to follow the right people on Twitter or have access to social media when someone posts their blog, you probably will not come across it. Also, since personal blogs are often not optimised for search, they can easily get lost in the shuffle.